Märt Vähi - Chairman of the Board

Märt and Alta Vähi were wedded in 1970. They have three children, and by now as many as eight sweet grandchildren.

Originally, they come from and started a family in Canada, but in the 1970s they served as missionaries in Europe for seven years. After that they returned to Canada, and Märt founded the Smythe Street Church in Fredericton, the Province of New Brunswick. For fourteen years he served there as a pastor and a dean, and in the province government as a state chaplain.

In 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Märt and Alta heard God's calling and moved with their family to Estonia, which had been Märt's childhood home before WW II. In 1945 his parents had fled to Sweden as refugees, later the family moved to Canada.

Having settled down in Estonia, Märt Vähi participated actively in establishing the Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church (ECPC) and starting new congregations, in founding Bible schools, building up actual teaching processes and routines, and in building up prison service in Estonia. In 2005 Märt Vähi was consecrated as Bishop of the Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church. He is doing all this work even today.

At the initiative of and led by Rev Märt Vähi the NGO The Village of Hope was established in November 2000, and shortly after that they started building up the physical Village of Hope and working with alcohol and drug addicts in practice. As Chairman of the Board of the NGO The Village of Hope, Rev Märt Vähi runs the activity and development of the rehabilitation centre; as Bishop Emeritus of the ECPC - the Congregation of the Village of Hope of the ECPC; he is also a co-founder of the NGO The Village of Hope Fire Department.

The extensive and generous work done by Rev Märt Vähi has frequently been recognized and commended in the field of social work. In February 2014, President of the Republic of Estonia awarded Bishop Emeritus Märt Vähi with the Order of the Estonian Red Cross, Third Class.

In 2006, Märt and his son Andrew Vähi began building up and developing the Village of Hope in Canada. By now the first houses have been set up and the first men are about to finish the program.

Alta has been her husband's faithful life companion throughout their shared life. In the Village of Hope she is always there for us: serving, caring, loving. In her meek way Alta always contributes to hosting guests, arranging accommodation and catering, organising services and events and teaching young people. The doors of the Vähis' home are always open to guests.



Roman Lunjov - Head of Maintenance

Roman entered the Village of Hope's program in 2003 as a drug addict. In 2004 he finished the program very well and stayed on to do the Servant Leadership Training Program, which he finished in 2005. Roman made a decision to keep serving at the Village of Hope to help addicts to become free from alcohol and drug addiction, and to support the men when they return to society.

In 2008 Roman improved his knowledge at the rehabilitation work seminar run by the internationally renown addictologist Michael Dye. In 2009 he graduated from Deacons School of the ECPC, and he was ordained as a deacon in the same year. Roman is also a co-founder and member of management of the NGO The Village of Hope Fire Department.

During the years and together with the team Roman has grown and developed a lot and been responsible for different fields of activity. As Head of Maintenance he is in charge of administration and maintenance issues at the Village of Hope and of organising construction and logging work.

Roman and Olga Lunjov got married on 30 June 2007. Olga comes from Sillamäe. She has graduated from Tallinn University in master's studies as a teacher of mathematics. After getting married and graduating from university Olga started working as a secretary at the Village of Hope. Roman's and Olga's son was born on 3 June 2010. Nowadays Olga is at home raising young Edvin. Today Olga is occupied in an enterprise founded by herself and Roman, Lootuse Küla Lastehoid OÜ, which provides children's day care service. She takes care of children and deals with administration. Time permitting, Olga has been a volunteer help in the Village of Hope.


Yaroslav Dudchenko – Sawmill Manager

Yaroslav joined the Village of Hope in 2012 to get help with getting rid of drug addiction. He succeeded in completing the rehab program and went on in the Village of Hope's training program meant for people who wish to devote their lives to serving others. Yaroslav completed the training program in 2014, and decided to go on working and serving at the Village of Hope to help those who need help the way he used to.

As the Sawmill Manager, Yaroslav is responsible for organizing everyday work in the sawmill, for helping the men to learn how to work, to acquire persistence, sense of responsibility, good and safe work habits. Yaroslav belongs to the team of Fire Department of the Village of Hope.

Yelena Dudchenko, Yaroslav's wife, has been with Yaroslav for years, supporting him both in good times and in bad. Yelena works in a service providing enterprise in Pärnu, and is a member of Pärnu Congregation of ECPC.


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