The Village of Hope's timber industry is 100% social entrepreneurship, and we run it for two main reasons: it forms a basis for occupational therapy and building up work habits, and it earns us financial means to cover a part of the overheads of the rehabilitation program.


An essential part of the rehabilitation program is occupational therapy, which lays a basis for the men's ability to succeed in their future lives.
It is elementary to do the work necessary to cater to everyday needs – taking care of one's living place, cooking, cleaning, contributing to the village life – but it is our timber industry that serves as a basis for most of the occupational education.

The aim of the occupational education is to restore or form the men's work habits; to teach work ethic and show how to solve the problems that arise in the work process together with one's workmates; to grow sense of duty and train keeping to the rules of occupational safety and other guidelines. On average, the men work six hours a day according to their physical abilities and skills.
We produce building material, fruit containers, pallets, firewood, and fulfill other kind of orders.
The revenue from the sale of the industry production is used to cover a part of the overheads of the program. Over the years the industry has been able to cover approximately 20% of the costs incurred from running the program. Our target is to achieve a substantial increase in the volume of the industry and develop new projects, so that the revenue could cover at least 50% of the cost of the rehabilitation work. We hope for an even larger share, as the development of the industry enables us to fulfill more orders and have more customers.
By ordering production from the Village of Hope, you support our withdrawal and rehabilitation work, you give us a chance to help more men and support the families of the men who have finished the program and got rid of their addiction. When the men fulfill your order, they practise good work habits and develop the skills essential for building up their work and family life in future.

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