Järvakandi Center

What is The Järvakandi Center of the Village of Hope?

The Village of Hope can only help these people who want to change their lives – the ones who call us and personally express their desire to bring change to their lives. Unfortunately, over the years, we have seen that the step towards the change is being infinitely postponed. It might even be said that it is not taken before the person is already facing the death. There are also a lot people who no longer believe that they would be able to change anything at all. They just roam around the streets, refuges, and abandoned houses – it´s almost like they would have stopped being humans...

Our desire is to help these people who are no longer able to change their lives, nor know how to ask for it. Our purpose is to help them long before they find themselves on the verge of the ultimate step – the step to death. 


The Järvakandi Center operates as a preliminary program to the rehabilitation program of the Village of Hope. It is not a standalone program, but forms a part in the program of the Village of Hope. We expect and invite here people from streets and from the so called „hot spots“, who no longer know what to do with their lives, who haven´t been sober for months, possibly even for years. 

In the Järvakandi, people will have an opportunity to sober up and settle. They will have three months in their disposition. After this period of time, they will have a choice to continue in the rehabilitation program of the Village of Hope in Laitse, or otherwise, they have to leave. At this stage, we can offer assistance only for men.

The Järvekandi Center, located toward the central part of Estonia, is about an hours drive from the main Village of Hope.

Where did the work in the Järvakandi start from?


The Järvakandi Center of the Village of Hope was a charitable venture known as a former Christian Home of Petrula, which has provided assistance for people in need for many years, and worked as special welfare provider and the partner of Estonian Social Insurance Board. One of the founders and leaders of this beneficent undertaking: Alina Nüganen, expressed already some years ago willingness to hand the Center over to The Village of Hope, or start working under the lead of the Village of Hope. 

For a long time, the leaders of the Village of Hope did not see their involvement in that work, but after meeting Alina in the beginning of this year, 2014, it became clear that there was a whole new path ahead of us. Regrettably, Alina´s life came to an end in a very tragic way, which corroborated, ever so more, that we have to create a new direction and a way of living also in Järvakandi.

The current Assembly of the Christian Home of Petrula gathered and elected a new board: Märt Vähi, Viljam Borissenki, and Villy Võrk; at the same time, the 13 members of the Assembly submitted their petitions to leave their posts. Out of 16 former members of the Assembly only 3 remain, who live abroad and have confirmed the need for a new direction to be taken, as well as their fundamental desire to carry on as the Järvakandi Center of the Village of Hope. We are happy to note that the posts that remained empty after the resignation of the former Assembly are already being fulfilled. 9 people have submitted applications to become members of the Association of the Christian Home of Petrula, and to start developing the work in Järvakandi. The majority of the new members of the Assembly have been related to the rehabilitation work with alcohol and drug addicts for many years.

The Järvakandi Center has 4 buildings, where are the accommodation areas for the men in the program and for the staff, dining hall, outdoor kitchen, community house, and a chapel. There is a lot of work to be done with the buildings, as well as with the entire infrastructure.

Much needs to be improved and renovated. We are grateful for everyone who has helped us with funding, labor, prayers, and with all the rest. Any help is appreciated also from now on. We alone are not able to provide all the help necessary, we can only do this together with the people who help us.


The way of living in the Järvakandi Center

Petrula, the legal share of the Village of Hope, now called the Järvakandi Center of the Village of Hope, will not continue its normal course. From now on, it is no longer the place where men can live for years and have everything done for them, without making any effort from their side to really change their lifestyle.

In the Järvakandi Center men can stay for 4 months maximum. During that period of time, we will guide them to start taking life-changing steps.

In the house of the participants of the program there are 12 beds, some of them are reserved for the men currently studying in the Village of Hope´s Servant Leadership Program. These men have already completed the rehabilitation program, but have wished to receive more training in order to help other people in hardships. The men in the Servant Leadership Program assist the Järvakandi Center´s staff in the organizational work and in various other areas; they are instructed in their work on daily bases.

Just as in the Village of Hope´s rehabilitation program, there is a fixed schedule set in place in the Järvakandi – the day starts at 6 in the morning, quiet time, morning activities and breakfast. Day continues with lessons, where we start the job to make the participants to see the value of their lives, the value of human life, and the opportunity to change their future with today´s decisions. The schedule also includes working, which today mostly consists of household work, but there are also other tasks which are important in the Center, and in men´s lives.


In the Center there are fixed meal times, we facilitate the participants with clothing according to their needs and whether conditions, we also provide them with spiritual support and counseling. The day in Järvakandi ends at 22.00 with lights out. 

As in all parts of the Village of Hope, also in the Järvakandi Center is not permitted to consume or have alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. 

VILLAGE OF HOPE  Laitse, Harjumaa 76313, Estonia  +372 671 6198, +372 56 633 804  info@lootusekula.ee