Swedish Team Arrive at Village of Hope for the 25th Time

Swedish Team Arrive at Village of Hope for the 25th Time


Swedes Arrive to Build Men's Dorm at Village of Hope

A bus and van full of 53 Swedes, together with equipment and supplies, arrive on the May 1st holiday to spend the week at the Village of Hope in construction.

Beside the men's dorm there will be kitchen renovations at the Ladies Center and WV and shower renovations in one of the existing three dorms at the Men's Center.


This is the 13th year the Swedish group has been involved and consistently building at the Village of Hope!


Just 24 hours after starting to build on the prepared foundation the rafters go up.

For the 13th year in a row the Swedes, from some 11 various churches in Sweden, dive into this building and various other projects going on at the same time in the Village. "We have got this down to an art, and "man" do things move, with all "stops out" - almost nothing less than a miracle!" expressed co-founder and director Märt Vähi with delight! "Such great people with so many others who help in building, finances, support and giving of themselves!"  

This will bring up to almost 50 beds for the expanding work of the Village of Hope in Estonia!  

Over 500 men have gone through the program at the Village of Hope over the last 15 years.  


Building Goes Up in Four Days

This dorm, for 16 more men for the Village of Hope Estonia program, with additional facilities on second floor, was started on a prepared foundation just four days ago! "The weather was perfect and everything went like clock work" reported co-founder Märt Vähi, "we are so excited with the results of such a great effort on behalf of everyone!"


Last Minute Finishing Touches Done for This Time

Ongoing work will be completed by the men at the Village of Hope and with the return of the Swedes in September the finishing work will continue for a scheduled completion of the building during the same time in the fall. Many of the partitions are also up and boarded in with most of the rough electrical wiring also completed.  


A Week Filled with Activities, Friendship and Accomplishments


Last good-byes, with hugs and prayers, and promises to return the Swedes and Village of Hope people together for one last picture, at least for now!  


Beside the dorm two major projects, one with Women's Center kitchen and another with former dorm renovations and rebuilding were undertaken, along with the regular operations at the Village of Hope making it a busy and great week!

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