Fire in the Ladies' Center

Fire in the Ladies' Center!

13.04.2018 Earlier in the morning, a fire occurred at the main building of Ladies' Center.


Rescue work was done by Keila and Paldiski rescue services and the Village of Hope Fire Department.

People were not hurt, but of course, emotionally, it is all very difficult. 

For women who had to run out of the house, and especially for Bishop Märt and his wife Alta. Before donating the house to Village of Hope it had been their home for years, they built it up. 

The work at the Ladies’ Center continues. The main building is destroyed, but the house where women live is large enough to arrange everything necessary.


"We will rebuild it, there are too many women in Estonia who need help, we will continue the work!" says Bishop Märt Vähi. "Thank you for your support and encouragement, these are really hard days where we need all the help offered.”

Donations to rebuild the main building of the Ladies’ Center can be done in Swedbank:

NGO The Village of Hope:
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Swedbank EE242200221017410925


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