Erko Subi

Erko Subi – Supplier and Chairman of the Fire Department of VoH

Erko Subi came to the Village of Hope to get help with his alcohol problem in 2014. Successfully finished the program but did not stay sober for the first time. The second time he came into the program, the man had made his goals clear and since then has been faithful and committed to his own tasks. Erko continued in the servant-leadership program to help other people with addictions, he finished it successfully in 2017.  Since the same year, Erko is a member of the Fire Department in the Village of Hope. Since 2018, Erko is a board member of the Fire Department of the Village of Hope and also a manager of activities related to the Fire Department. In addition, Erko’s day-to-day tasks include teaching lessons, counseling, supervising work placements, and being a role model for those in the program.

Kristina-Teresa Subi and Erko married in 2018 and live together in the Village of Hope. Kristina-Teresa works as a music teacher at school. Kristina-Teresa supports and assists Erkko in his work and joins the congregation of the CPCE Village of Hope.