Jaroslav Dudtšenko

Jaroslav Dudtšenko – Sawmill Manager

Jaroslav joined the Village of Hope in 2012 to get help with getting rid of drug addiction. He succeeded in completing the rehab program and went on in the Village of Hope’s training program meant for people who wish to devote their lives to serving others. Jaroslav completed the training program in 2014, and decided to go on working and serving at the Village of Hope to help those who need help the way he used to.

As the Sawmill Manager, Jaroslav is responsible for organizing everyday work in the sawmill, for helping the men to learn how to work, to acquire persistence, sense of responsibility, good and safe work habits. Jaroslav belongs to the team of Fire Department of the Village of Hope.

Jelena Dudtšenko, Jaroslav’s wife, has been with Jaroslav for years, supporting him both in good times and in bad. Jelena works in a service providing enterprise in Pärnu, and is a member of Pärnu Congregation of ECPC.