67% of all Village of Hope 
participiants who finish the program 
stay sober for the rest of their lives. 
That’s 60% more than elsewhere.

Each year more than 100.
Estonians die of a drug overdose.
We’re here to give back hope to
those who lost everything

With our help

We’ve saved 245 people from a life of addiction and returned these changed men and woman to 1.715 of their loved ones.

Quickly make an impact with

  • The hope partner
  • Process

Give hope a hand in 3 easy steps.

Register to become a Hope Partner.

Register to become a true partner of hope. Your help will get someone off the street and into our program.


Get assigned a Hope Participant.

You get assigned to one of our participants and can encourage them to have hope, get better and end addiction.


Give monthly to give hope a hand.

Your monthly fee will be put towards helping your participant finish the program and saving his life,

It’s easy you can help end addiction and give someone back their hope for life.


  • Help us crush addiction
  • and become a Hope Partner
  • to save a life

When you become a Hope Partner you’re directly afecting the life of others. You’ll become the partner of one of our students and we’ll let you know exactly how he’s doing with the help you’ve given him

Become a monthly Hope Partner