Raiman Kukk

Raiman Kukk – Executive Director

Raiman Kukk came to the Village of Hope program to receive support in 2012, by then having 10 years of drug addiction. Raiman’s life changed radically, and there was a desire to help other people who were in addiction. In 2014, Raiman graduated from the Baltic School of Ministry in Latvia. Raiman continued to study at the Village of Hope servant-leader program, which was successfully completed in 2015.

Since 2017, Raiman worked at the Village of Hope as an Executive Director’s help. In 2018, Raiman was ordained a Christian deacon of the Christian Pentecostal Church of Estonia. In 2017-2019 Raiman supplemented his knowledge at Tallinn School of Economics with a project manager assistant. From May 2018, Raiman Kukk is the CEO of the Village of Hope.

Marilin Kukk – married to Raiman in 2016. Marilin has studied at the Hillsong Bible School in Australia for two years. Marilin also worked for five years as a church leader’s help of the Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church. In 2018, a son was born to Raiman and Marilin, called Harman. Marilin is a big support and help to her huspand and together they are developing further the Village of Hope.