Tani Roos ja Einike Pähn-Roos

Tani Roos and Einike Pähn-Roos – full time volunteers

Tani Roos and Märt Vähi are long time friends, who transported bibles to Estonia and former USSR countreys in the 1970s. In 2012, for the first time, Tani came to install a floor heating system for one of the buildings in the Village of Hope. It became a joint work and vocation, and Tani, with his previous construction experience, is a great help in developing the Village of Hope. In 2014 Tani married to Einike and they live together in the Village of Hope.

Einike has played an important role in starting the ladies work in the Village of Hope. Tani and Einike help and serve as full-time volunteers in the Village of Hope.